Web Designer Creates Stunning Likeness With Figma and CSS Gradients

Web Designer Creates Stunning Likeness With Figma and CSS Gradients

Web designer Sarah L. Fossheim created a blog post about how they recreated the likeness of a Polaroid camera with the use of CSS gradients. In the blog post about this design project, Flossheim explained the process and how a reader could create a replica image in CSS with gradients themselves. The tutorial detailed how each component is built. The instructions start with the knowledge and tools needed for the project.

Flossheim states that in order to do this, a person needs a program, such as Figma, for picking the colors in an image. The designer also needs basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. The person should be familiar with CSS gradients. Flossheim added that good, old-fashioned pen or pencil and paper are also useful to this project. They said that they broke down the total image into components with the pen and paper.

Flossheim then broke down the steps of completing the design. These steps included preparation, deciding the structure, translating the structure into HTML, styling each component on a one by one basis, layering the gradients and adding shadows. Each of these large steps was broken down into specific tasks that the designer would need to accomplish.

When shared with a large online design community, there were a lot of reactions to this tutorial. One person said that it was incredible. The designer joined the discussion and was thrilled to see that people enjoyed the tutorial and the final result of the project. They added that they were overwhelmed by all of the positive feedback they received.

Another person wanted to know what the advantages were of creating this project in CSS instead of with vectors and .png files or a photo. Another person added that a .svg format could also work for this type of project. Most people assumed that the designer did it just to see if they could do it and to demonstrate how the range of tools in CSS can be used in order to create an immersive and exciting project that appeals to the visual senses of a wide range of web designers. For more information click here https://fossheim.io/writing/posts/css-polaroid-camera/.

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