Web Design Tips With a Consumer Point of View

Web Design Tips With a Consumer Point of View

When you're creating a web page for shoppers, you have to think of it from a shopper's perspective. You must then ask yourself questions like, "How does this look to me?" or "Does this design make me want to click and buy?" The question shouldn't be, "How can I make this look better?" It should be, "How can I make people want to buy this product when they see the page?".

That being said, I can offer three suggestions based on my own potential consumer input. Change your button colors to match the color of the refrigerator. Give your buttons an icy, metal grayish look like the fridge looks. It'll send a subliminal message that the fridge is capable of keeping their food as cold as necessary. After all, that's what people are looking for when they shop for a fridge. They're looking for that chill, so you should add the colors that represent the chill factor. You don't want to put too much chill it in, though. Just enough to jolt their minds a little bit. The lettering inside of your buttons should match colors, as well. Therefore, you should make the "Browse Products" lettering white, or you should make the part that says "Experience Innovation" and so forth black. Personally, I would make all the lettering black.

Secondly, the Samsung logo should be a lot bigger. Again, it's a subliminal thing. You have to put the brand front and center so that it sticks in their minds to buy the brand name. Right now, you have "Experience Innovation" at the forefront, and the Samsung name is kind of in the background. The Samsung name should be bumped up a few font sizes so that it at least matches the length of the top of the refrigerator. You'll also want to make the Samsung name jump out at the potential customer. Consider giving it a color that will provide it with a sort of "neon" glow. Alternatively, you can add a 3D dimension to it.

Finally, your menu items are a little too small and perhaps not the right color I'd make them a little bigger and maybe change their color, as well. For more information click here https://i.imgur.com/59cOaGr.png.

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