Vue will dynamically enhance your website visitors' online experience!

Vue will dynamically enhance your website visitors' online experience!

As more and more of a person's daily life moves online, the ability to develop and code an individual's own webpage becomes easier. While some understanding of coding and designing a web page is necessary, the tools to bring ideas into reality are readily available for anyone that looks for them.

Vue is one such development platform that is an open-sourced environment by design. This allows for any updates to be easily accessed by users of the platform and the whole of the online community to generate and implement them. More complex methods and objects are available with official support, but the initial framework is designed to be lightweight with a low bar to entry. The lack of a stiff learning curve makes this platform perfect for newcomers to the coding community and experts alike.

One thing that all developers encounter with all platforms is loading time. This is the period of time between making a command and receiving the results from it. One common method of addressing loading time is to provide some sort of animation that shows the user something is happening while they wait. However, the animation should still be lightweight enough as not to impact the loading time in any noticeable way.

Epicmax has developed several Epic Spinners that are easy to implement on Vue and match the color palette of the Vuestic Admin Screen. This matching of palettes removes one more step for developers as aesthetic plays a large roll in web design as well. With twenty different designs, these spinners are sure to bring a unique animation to any website and help pass the time while background functions are loading. Smooth animations add a touch of professionalism as well.

There are several decisions a developer can make when designing and creating a website. Thinking ahead and taking the user's experience into account is one of the best choices to make to provide a pleasant interface. The Epic Spinners from Epicmax easily fall into the category of positive touches that will help users wait patiently throughout loading times.

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