Visually Pleasing Icons Shown to Increase Website Traffic

Visually Pleasing Icons Shown to Increase Website Traffic

One way to get returning visitors to your websites is to take good advantage of web browser functionality. In the case of the Firefox browser, for example, the "Most Used Websites" page, which by default appears when users activate a new tab, allows visitors to easily and quickly access previously visited sites with just one click. In this situation, it is important for designers to give visitors a visual enticement to click, and this can be accomplished with a clearly defined icon.

If your website already has a visually aesthetic icon that relates to content, you really want it to appear in all its glory whenever a "Most Used Websites" is activated. This icon will likely be competing against the likes of Gmail, Facebook, YouTube, and Dropbox, so you want it to make sure it displays. The default action that makes the icon appear is the favicon declaration, but it needs to be large enough for Firefox to scale it; otherwise, the browser will just choose the first initial of the page title and a random color as a background.

Most favicons are tiny by nature; they can be easily declared with a link in the header, but they will not scale properly. What you need is a JSON manifest file that defines the icons. Before you start coding, you may want to visit, a very useful tool that will scale your logos according to platform and browser. Whereas you may spend hours designing the perfect icon, using this tool will take you about 10 minutes.

Another piece of advice related to this matter is the choice of image format to use for your logos and favicons. In 2020, scalable vector graphics are the right choice; you will want to forget about the portable network graphics format, particularly since version 80 of the Google Chrome web browser now supports SVG favicons. Virtually all browsers now have tabs similar to "Most Used Websites," so it is highly recommended that you ensure your favicons are properly displayed for these pages. This feature was introduced as "Speed Dial" by Opera browser developers, and it has become a new standard. For more information click here

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