Various Opinions on Using CSS To Create a Visual Gameboy

Various Opinions on Using CSS To Create a Visual Gameboy

A member of an active discussion forum about website design shared a hyperlink that takes the viewer to a website where a person has created a visual GameBoy using only CSS. This person thought the design was neat and asked other designers what their comments were. They wondered how long it would take to create that and which design elements were part of it.

One person took a look and tried the interactive elements of the site. They pushed the start button a few times in the demo. Another person who tried the demo heard the music change on the third click. They were not sure if it was their click that caused the music to change or if it would have changed anyway. They were about to navigate away if clicking did not do anything.

One person thought the demo was mildly infuriating. Someone else shared links to it on Gitub and on the designers site. This person also listed tools and libraries used to make it. They also indicated which fonts were used. Finally, they shared the images and music used.

An individual who looked at it said they loved how the color could change. This delivered a lot of nostalgic value. Someone else said they missed the Game Link cable. One person added their thoughts that the music was too loud. One person replied to say that SVG was made for GFX, not CSS. One commentator wanted to know if the project was just to show off what CSS could do. The designer said it was a proof of concept for fun for Web Components and CSS.

Several people used adult language in their comments, but in a positive way. Essentially, they said the designer did great work. Several people said the coder did a great job on their project. A few had short comments, just calling it awesome. Another said it was great and they would like to use parts of the code if it is available for that purpose. The designer said they could go ahead as long as they get credit for the work. For more information click here

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