Use These Display Tips for a Site That Looks Great

Use These Display Tips for a Site That Looks Great

The evolution of Cascading Style Sheets as a programming language for the web has drastically reduced dependence on JavaScript; at the same time, it enhances HTML exponentially and to the point that many programmers believe that CSS is all they need to tackle just about any project. There are almost no detractors of CSS, and this has a lot to do with people mostly sticking to the basics. The expansion of CSS makes it a verbose and comprehensive language, which means that many of its functions and properties end up being ruefully underused.

Let's review some CSS properties that are not very common. In some cases, these lesser-known properties can save you many lines of coding; in other cases, they can do things you may not have been aware of.

Automatic Margins

When you have a flex item to display on a web page, you will find various ways of centering it on a two-dimensional plane. One of the best ways of centering items is with the margin:auto property, in which you declare a parent-child relation followed by the height and width as well as the background. From this point on, the margin:auto property can be added for a quick and dirty centering.

Text-Align Center

If for some reason you do not want to use CSS grids for your project, the text-align property is still valid and does not require too many lines of code if you add a text-align:center function. In fact, nesting paragraphs on a page with text-align is the basis of CSS grids.

Object Fit

This property is highly recommended for projects that involve important images such as company logos. Most web designers who learn about object-fit are surprised by how well it works. When you combine object-fit with contain, you can force the height and width of images to fit strictly within a container; as you can imagine, this is very useful in situations that call for a grid of images. When used correctly, object-fit can arrange a series of visual elements into a shape that visitors will enjoy; think about a tiled mosaic floor. For more information click here

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