Use These Design Tips for a Great UI/UX Layout

Use These Design Tips for a Great UI/UX Layout

You can teach yourself web design with free resources you can find online. What you need more than anything is a good understanding of what makes a website both attractive and functional. There are hundreds of websites with HTML5, CSS, and Javascript tutorials and practice lessons, but there are very few sites that explain what makes a website aesthetically pleasing.

First, learn the basics; HTML5, CSS, and Javascript. Make sure you understand what responsive designs are and how to make a website load quickly. Without these two things, any site you build will offer a poor user experience.

Next, learn WordPress, including how to make custom templates and plug-ins. Learn How to use and customize WooCommerce as well. You don't have to build a site from scratch as many of your clients will want something they can update themselves. They just don't want a WordPress site that uses the same template as hundreds of other sites. You should also learn to customize Drupal and Magento CMSs as WordPress can do a lot, but it can't do everything. Webflow is also a popular CMS.

To attract visitors, and make clients happy, plan the site layout to include plenty of white space. Use a 15pt or 16pt font size so the information is readable. Choose an easy to read font as well. Most of the serif fonts, including Times New Roman, are a popular choice. Next, pick a pleasing color palette that works with the client's industry. There are free color pickers online that help you choose three colors for your site, including the primary, secondary and accent color.

Buy some cheap domains and get a host that allows you to put up multiple sites. Don't worry about ranking the sites, just keep building until you're comfortable creating sites for various industries. For more information click here

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