Understanding The Web Development Job Market

Good news for newcomers to the world of web development: Technology giant Microsoft recently rolled out a 12-week curriculum designed to introduce learners to HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and other basic aspects of website design and development. More importantly, this free course has been designed by the folks at Azure Cloud Advocates, and it has a strong focus on GitHub, which happens to be owned by Microsoft.

Being able to complete web projects on GitHub and understanding the Azure Cloud infrastructure is important not just for students but also for Microsoft as the owner of this coding platform. This may sound like a great initiative, but seasoned developers are concerned that it may saturate a job market that is already over-saturated.

It is not unreasonable to assume that thousands of junior programmers will start looking for web development positions when they complete the aforementioned course, and this will only complicate things for job seekers. There are still jobs for web developers out there, but the market is getting diluted. For those new to JavaScript programming, for example, it is hard to say "you are going to learn and grow at these jobs" because experienced developers know that employers are starting to consider these positions to be menial.

Technical know-how is taking a backseat to other professional traits in the field of development. Strong leadership and leadership dynamics are being valued more than ever, and these traits are not part of the Microsoft curriculum mentioned above. One of the best ways to learn leadership is to look at other organizations that have an experienced team and are structured according to the way that leadership works in different organizations. This requires years of on-the-job experience that junior developers do not have.

What about other IT jobs? Are they becoming more competitive. Is this really the point? Many tech jobs in the United States are already being outsourced or eliminated. Why would a job become obsolete at the end of the week? The point isn't the free Microsoft course itself. The point is that we need a society that is better at solving problems such as job saturation, but this is something that even Microsoft will have a hard time figuring out. For more information click here https://github.com/microsoft/Web-Dev-For-Beginners.