Tying Up Loose Ends with Shoelace

Tying Up Loose Ends with Shoelace

In a large online design community, a person shared a link to a website called Shoelace. This site purports to be a forward-thinking library of web components. It claims to work with all frameworks and CDNs. It also says that it is fully customizable with CSS and was built with accessibility in mind. This is an open-source site, so anybody can use the code. The code is posted on the site for anybody to use whenever they want to. The site also includes how each item was tested and the licensing details. The person who shared the link wanted to know what other people thought of it.

One person replied to say that it was awesome, and they were thrilled to see more design libraries with built-in components for the web. They appreciate the specifications that enable cross-framework coding as well as vanilla JS. Another person commented about the good job on the documentation of what the code does. Someone else seconded this, stating that every detail they wanted to know was in the documentation.

A person said it looked good, and they liked the progress ring component. Someone else thought it was interesting and wanted to know if fancier things could be done with it. A person had some questions about comparing it to a similar thing. The original poster, who is also the designer of Shoelace, gave an example with the code. They added that Shoelace components are custom elements. There is no need for scaffolding or assigning roles or labels like one would have to do in Bootstrap. The user adds the content and component.

One person reported an issue setting it up with React. They said the import worked, but the features that require JavaScript did not. Another person reported the same error in React. A different individual said they want a CSS-only tool, so they are going to do a hard pass on this one because it requires importing more JavaScript. Someone else added that it is a component library, not a framework. Web components always require JavaScript. That's the definition of a web component. For more information click here https://shoelace.style/.

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