Try These New Tools for Updating a Site's Features

Try These New Tools for Updating a Site's Features

With Lottie Web, any web developer can create a responsive website using React Native. This rendering engine can create some amazing effects that play with even mobile web browsers for iOS or Android. It is an actively developed project and there are constant updates on their Github page.

It may make website graphics design even easier since one may take projects from Adobe After Effects and export it into a JavaScript bundle. You won't have to learn new software in order to create graphics and it can save time and money as a project director. In fact, it is already being utilized by professional web developers for some large projects. It supports native rendering so that it fits just right or each web browser or device.

You may check out the examples from the Github page to see how smooth the graphics rendering. It is on par with the way low-level languages can render graphics, opening a whole lot of opportunity in JavaScript development. It is lightweight and scalable so that there won't be artifacts like animated images or embedded flash may have.

The project depends on Bodymovin in order to export graphics into portable JavaScript code. It is a library built into After Effects to export web content in the form of JSON files. These animations may then be embedded into a website with the Lottie library to make mobile-friendly content. Of course, a purchase of the Bodymovin plugin and Adobe After Effects is necessary to use this free library.
This library is brought to the world by the Airbnb team and it is used in the hotel booking site. Surprisingly, this service has a dedicated team of developers that are creating innovations in web development and open source software. Through the Airbnb Engineering & Data Science website, you may keep up with their open innovation in real time. They are always hiring and are opening up engineering teams in different cities around the country.

Some other tools that they have released include ReAir, Apache Superset, Apache Airflow and Enzyme. Their engineering team has been takin open source standards and creating new frameworks that are useful for large-scale websites.

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