True Sayings For Website Developers

True Sayings For Website Developers

There are a number of UX sayings that exemplify what a good website developer should always remember:

  1. Design for the End User

Good website developers create websites which are intuitive and designed with the end-user in mind. Knowing the end-user requires research and usability testing. Frustrated visitors will leave a website quickly which means there is no chance they will convert.

  1. Visitors Scan

If visitors only scan headers, why is content king? Some visitors do scan headers to find the information they want while others read in-depth articles. People building websites should understand the target audience so they know whether the site should have light or in-depth content.

  1. Place Elements in Predictable Places

It might seem creative to place the search box somewhere in the middle of the page, however, visitors look for it on the top left of a web page. Place yours there to avoid visitors leaving for a more user-friendly website.

  1. Users Will Scroll

Putting too much information and options above the fold will overwhelm users. Naturally, there are certain elements which always go above the fold, however, users will scroll. The trick is to entice them to do so.

  1. A Bad Form is Easy to Make

If a user has to fill out a form, indicate what is required information and what is optional. Use a single column which helps people maintain a vertical momentum. If the person is creating a password, let them know the requirements upfront, such as at least six characters and at least one number.

Good UX design doesn't just happen; it is about designing an experience that the user will enjoy. Don't let clients or managers dissuade you from applying these practices. Most of the time clients don't know any better and you have to remind them that the end-user is the most important person in the equation. For more information click here

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