Tricks and Tips or Poly-Fill Gradients in CSS

Tricks and Tips or Poly-Fill Gradients in CSS

A web designer shared a blog they found about CSS gradients. In this blog post, a web design expert discusses the poly-fill gradients of CSS. They noted that the CSS coding allows for double-position syntax. The two positions allow for the same color stop as a shortcut for two colors that stop at the same place. After asking around the design community, this person realized that a lot of other designers are not aware that a double position for gradients is a possibility.

Putting in two locations makes it easier to create solid-color stripes in a gradient without having to repeat the color twice. This web designer went on to offer coding examples of how to create this effect in CSS. They also gave examples of codes so that stripes don't have to stop in the middle of a sequence. This designer also wrote a code for creating a design that allows a gradient to skip a color or avoid stopping on a color that the coder doesn't like.

The designer's blog post shared detailed pieces of code and explained how they worked for generating different types of results. This blog post was shared with a large online community of web designers in order to get other people's opinions about it. One person wondered how an individual would go about finding good colors for this. Others replied with a range of options. Those options included Adobe's color gradients, the website and

Another person replied to say that they were surprised to discover they had been doing their CSS gradients wrong for a long time. They learned from the blog post and plan to change the way they code color gradients in the future. Another person added that they too had not realized they were coding their CSS gradients incorrectly, and they appreciated the information on how to make their work better. Several other individuals remarked that they would be bookmarking the blog post as a resource so they could refer to the coding examples in the future the next time they have to create a gradient in CSS. For more information click here

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