Top Features of InVision Studio to Revolutionize Your Designs

Top Features of InVision Studio to Revolutionize Your Designs

InVision announced that it has made its Studio product available for early access. This software, whose goal is to redesign screen designing, combines frictionless rapid prototyping with advanced animation to create what they tout as the most advanced screen design tool ever.

The software has the following features:
  • Frictionless Rapid Prototyping with Advanced Animation
  • Responsive Layout
  • Shared Design Components
  • Fast Collaborative Experiences
  • Open Platform
Frictionless Rapid Prototyping with Advanced Animation
Studio uses a new and intuitive frictionless system for quickly prototyping your screen designs. This system uses advanced animation concepts to unlock the dimensions of your screens.
Responsive Layout
In an era when new devices (with new resolutions) seem to come out every day, responsive design is no longer optional. That's why it comes automatically with InVision Studio, pre-built into their adaptive layout engine.
Shared Design Components
Studio uses shared component libraries so that design teams can access them anytime. The goal is to make it easy for teams to sync, scale up, and update.
Fast Collaborative Experiences
Studio has been designed with collaborative experiences in mind. With it you can quickly exchange both ideas and prototypes with teams members, and just as quickly you can receive feedback on them. The finished concept is then sent to developers in real time.
Open Platform
Studio is an open-ended ecosystem for all your custom apps.

In the coming weeks, InVision will be demoing Studio at live events across the world, including in New York, San Francisco, Berlin, Amsterdam, Boston, and Seattle. The software will be available in January 2018, but you can get early access to it simply by signing-up at their website.

InVision Studio promises to be a revolutionary product for screen design, and every designer should take a look at it.

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