Top 3 Tips For Using SVG Images in Web Content

Top 3 Tips For Using SVG Images in Web Content

A question that many web designers may have on their mind is if the SVG image may be implemented within DIV brackets. It is possible and easy to implement, but the solution may not seem so obvious at first.

First of all, you will want to keep the DIV setting in the "relative" position. You will also want to utilize the "after content" command and give it an absolute position. This will allow you to embed SVG images at the bottom or in any position that you desire.

Another method is by putting the SVG image in the background. The background command will allow you to link a URL to the SVG image, which can be hosted off-site. After determining the location of the SVG image, you may then set the position and size to bring it to the desired location on the screen.

About the SVG Image Format

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an image format created to stretch based on the user's resolution. This is very useful for adding background images or elements to one's website. It is also heavily utilized in mobile website development since mobile screens can have a lot of variance in screen resolution.

Keep in mind that SVG images are not a typical image format and are based on XML to be able to be compressed. There is also the SVGZ that is compressed in the Gzip archive format to save disk space on the server. The SVG Tiny standard was developed in 2003 to work for mobile devices and is still in use to this day.

The are many modification options possible since it has a highly editable code base. It is common for automated scripts to modify SVG images to change colors, add text and more. It is possible to develop images using scripts of basic patterns, shapes, colors and gradients.

The W3C SVG Working Group had been working on the SVG format since 1998 and is financially supported by top technology firms. The latest implementation is SVG 2 and is optimized to work with HTML5 and the latest web development frameworks.

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