Title: "Is Visbug The Answer To All Of Your Web Design Needs?"

Title: "Is Visbug The Answer To All Of Your Web Design Needs?"

A web designer wanted to share a tool that they came across while designing. It is called Visbug, and it is a browser extension that allows the user to make small design updates on a page that they are viewing by using traditional design tool inputs. With Visbug, the user does not need to know HTML or CSS. The changes are made with the development tools. The person shared this and wanted to know what others thought about the browser extension.

One person wanted to know if there was a way to track changes or if this extension is just for the user experience. The original poster replied and stated that it would show up in the list of changes in the development tools. They added that the Firefox browser is good at tracking those changes.

Another person responded and said that it only works in Chrome, and their attempt to use it in Firefox was a fail. This surprised the original poster. A different person added that the site did not work at all in the mobile environment. They wondered why the original poster shared it if it only works on Chrome in the desktop environment.

The original poster responded to the critiques of the site, stating that it is simply an extension designed to make changes to a site, and those browser extensions are not necessarily supported by the mobile versions of those browsers. The person added that the site is a re-creation of the extension, and that is probably why it does not work correctly in the mobile environment. It just shows the person what they can do by actually doing the thing, not telling the user.

The idea of this extension is a good one, but its execution may be poor. Developers need to pay attention to new browser extension releases. The original poster was not the creator of the extension, and there is not a lot of information about why it would only work on Chrome. There is also no explanation of why the creators of the extension made it incompatible with the mobile environment. For more information click here https://visbug.web.app/.

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