Tips on Making Sites Accessible for People Who Are Blind

Tips on Making Sites Accessible for People Who Are Blind

People with blindness are on the internet. As a web designer, you need to consider whether or not your site is accessible to them. A person with a vision disability has special requirements for accessing content with a screen reader. When making a website, headings are created with the header HTML tags. They include h1 to h6. The most important headings should use the h1 tag, and the least important should use the h6 tag. A person with a vision disability will find properly formatted headlines easier to understand with their screen readers.

It is important to note that a person could find themselves facing a lawsuit if their online content is not accessible. While this is unlikely for a blog, it could easily happen to a small business, large corporation, person in the public or a government agency. In order for a site to be accessible, it has to be in compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1, the Americans With Disabilities Act, Section 508 and many other guidelines in the USA and around the world.

Tens, maybe even hundreds of millions of people around the world deal with blindness. A site that is accessible is costly, but so is a lawsuit. There are tools that cost a lot, but they make it easy to ensure accessibility. However, a web designer can also make their site accessible without resorting to high-cost tools.

There is a free accessibility plugin for WordPress users. Add alternative text to images. Anchor link text should be relevant and meaningful. Links should open in the same window. Use the h1 through h6 headings correctly. They give the page a logical structure.

In a discussion thread, one person added that there is no "one-button" solution to fixing accessibility. Anybody who tries to sell something like this is operating a scam. Another person added that it is impossible to make a site 100 percent accessible without also compromising the site's design. Another person concurred with this and repeated the old adage that you can please some people some of the time and none of the people almost all the time. For more information click here

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