Tips for Finding Instagram Accounts That Focus on Web Design

Tips for Finding Instagram Accounts That Focus on Web Design

A programmer recently asked the community of other programmers about which Instagram accounts they follow and why. This person is trying to get new ideas about web design and wanted some examples to take a look at. The poster was also looking for inspiration and general ideas about what is trending in the world of web design.

One person wrote back with a tip to look for certain hashtags. Most Instagram account holders will add hashtags so that their posts can be easy to find. Some Instagram posters may not specialize in web design, but they might have occasional posts about it. This person told the original poster to have a search saved with hashtags such as (pound sign) websitedesign.

Another person wrote back to the original poster with a tip to check out several recommended designers for both inspiration and motivation. Those recommended designers included @araltasher, @winning_calvin, @ui.mob and A few other people wrote back with suggestions to view the Instagram accounts of @briansteely, @alesnesetril, @makereign and @uenodotco. It is also worth checking out who follows a designer that you like. You might find some additional inspiration by checking out the accounts that follow the accounts you find interesting.

Another strategy to find great web design accounts on Instagram is to try some other hashtags or search parameters and see what comes up. If you follow certain bloggers or web design sites, see if they have Instagram accounts. You may also find that some of your favorite Twitter or Facebook accounts give more examples on their Instagram accounts.

When searching for web design accounts on Instagram, consider setting up a different Instagram account than what you use for your personal sharing with friends and family. You could dedicate an account to web design inspiration and motivation to use for professional purposes. Do not hesitate to share and like or comment on the Instagram posts that speak to you. Instagram may also suggest additional accounts to follow. Be aware that request for following on Instagram may come from trolls, so be weary of adding friends to your account. For more information click here

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