Tiny Helpers: Free tools for web design and accessibility

Tiny Helpers: Free tools for web design and accessibility

A website called Tiny Helpers has set up a collection of free tools for web developers. Each of these tools is a single-purpose device that is available online. The tools span the gamut of design and techniques. Some of the tools include an accessible brand colors site, which allows the web designer to find out if the colors they have picked are accessible to a person with colorblindness. Another free tool that a developer could access is color review, which checks color contrasts. Additional tools linked on this site include a multitude of CSS development tools, organic shape generators and snippet generators. Web designers may also find the snippet generators, meta tag editors and code organizers useful.

One person took a look at this site and shared their thoughts. Their thoughts included their opinion that the Remove BG, (remove background) tool was amazing. This person also liked the ease of using the tool. They added that it could cut hours off of having to use Photoshop in order to get the same result. Another person agreed with this individual's assessment of the tool.

Someone else checked out the site and was interested in the tools for accessibility. A person offered another recommendation for this list of resources. They noted that Audio Eye is a useful accessibility tool that can help a web developer figure out if the text on the site is compatible with a screen reader.

The people who checked out this site found that its tools will be very useful to them in the future. Multiple individuals remarked that they had used at least one of the tools on it, and they are likely to use more of the ones that the site has listed. Web developers who are just starting their careers will also find this listing useful. Even those who have worked in the web development industry for a while found that these tools could help them boost their efficiency and productivity. This resource is definitely worth a bookmark. It will be good for people who use CSS as well as other platforms for site building. For more information click here https://tiny-helpers.dev/.

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