This Tutorial Makes It Easy to Get Started With Vue

This Tutorial Makes It Easy to Get Started With Vue

A programmer recently wrote a beginner's guide for Vue. This tutorial is intended for people who want to get started with it. The programmer notes that Vue.js is competing with React among people who develop in JavaScript, so knowing it would be a helpful skill. The writer of the tutorial explains that Vue learners should already have knowledge of HTML and CSS, JavaScript and ES6+. The person should also have node.js and NPM installed globally. It would also be helpful for the learner to be familiar with REST APIs.

The goal of the tutorial is to make a small application. This will be an employee database. The practice app will show how to set it up, what a Vue file has in it, how to work with different types of information and events in Vue and how to add, change or delete users. It will also show how to make API calls, use tables, forms and validations and how to host a Vue app on a GitHub page.

Vue is an open source front end JavaScript framework that is a layer of the model view controller application. It is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries. It is not backed by a big company. It is open source. Users can set up Vue in two ways. Those are Node project or direct injection in an HTML file. The tutorial shows how to do both.

Vue has default and manual settings for customization. Setting it all up takes a few minutes. Then it is ready for syntax and formatting. It is also a good idea to install the Vue DevTools app for the browser. The tutorial goes on to show the syntax and windows where it is added as well as the result.

The color-coded tutorial is easy to follow. The developer explains each step, what it does and why it is in that order. This is a good tutorial for anyone who wants to get a feel for Vue and what it can do. It will take some time to explore it, but the installation and setup is already done. For more information click here

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