This Tutorial Explains How to Move Blogs Off of Medium

This Tutorial Explains How to Move Blogs Off of Medium

A website developer recently created and released a tutorial demonstrating how blog owners can take their pages off of the Medium platform and use them elsewhere for making their own blog. One person wondered what the reasoning for this would be because Medium is a well-known site that gets a lot of traffic and has a lot of ads. People quickly pointed out that Medium has turned to paywalls for forcing people to pay for a subscription in order to access content that the authors wanted to be available for free. Most visitors do not like paywalls and are unwilling to pay for non-journalistic content that is just written by everyday people as blog posts.

People wrote back with comments wondering why bloggers would go to a closed, proprietary platform in the first place. One person mentioned the traffic and typography. It could have been a way for bloggers to get noticed. A person who does pay for content on Medium noted that they like the site's interactivity as a reader of material. As an author, this person likes that Medium markets the stories through emails, social media ads and other venues.

Another person noted that going incognito or opening a private browser window makes it possible to get around the paywall a few times. However, that limits the ability to interact with the content on Medium. A different person noted all of the other venues that make it easy to start a blog without dealing with a paywall. Some of the options include Google's Blogger, Wordpress, GitHub and Netifly. Any of these venues offer free blogging platforms and do not require a paywall. They host ads, which is how they are able to get around this.

In general, most of the people who took a look at the tutorial found it to be easy to follow. They liked all the tips that the writer shared on how to successfully migrate content. The author also showed how to point users who used to access the content on Medium to the new location of the blog in order to maintain traffic. For more information click here

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