Thinking Outside the Box When Developing a Webpage

Thinking Outside the Box When Developing a Webpage

Has it ever occurred to you that it's actually possible to create animated avatars that respond to mundane interactions on your website? The boring things we do to navigate, login, scroll here, click that - they don't have to feel so bleached out and drained of life. We've been doing it this way for decades; it's time for something fresh! Members of the CSS development community have come up with their own solutions to this often-overlooked issue, and it's brilliant.

Start by thinking about all the annoying ways that people have to interact with a typical website. Think about registration and logins in particular since anything involving recitation of credentials from rote memory is generally pretty lame. Now, imagine that you have an avatar that observes the page elements you hover over, select and input data into. Think about the ways that the page can track these conditions and document them so your avatar can change facial expressions, produce emotional responses and more to reflect what you're doing.

Now that you think of it, that's a pretty neat idea, isn't it?

It doesn't stop with logins and registration. One of the problems that many people have today with getting on the Internet to do anything is the eminent been-there and done-that. We're in the generation of people who easily lose interest in things, and this is a great way to encourage them to register and get involved in your site, services and community. What if you were to apply this idea to scrolling, selecting hyperlinks, expanding tabs and moving your mouse or finger to different areas of the web page? Perhaps you could create a little game that keeps visitors around longer.

Of course, this would be excellent for SEO purposes and the overall traffic influx for your organization or business. Consider that if you added a spark of human emotion to something that we have to deal with every day - "Ugh, now I have to scroll down and click this and wait forever!" - people might feel very differently about your storefront on the web, and as a result of that, they might come to respect your consciousness toward the tedium of web browsing. In the smallest ways, you can leave a better impression on people, which can lead to more visitors who are interested in trying out what you're offering. Think about it.