These are the Best Tools for Designing Websites from Scratch

These are the Best Tools for Designing Websites from Scratch

A web designer wanted to know from others what their favorite tool is for designing a site from scratch. The person is looking for a wide range of answers, from libraries, style sheets, node packages, editor plugins for text and more. The goal of their question is to bring some lesser-known tools out into the open so that people can take a look and see if they would be useful to what they do. The original poster stated that for them, their favorite tool is SASS, followed by browser sync.

One person replied and said that their favorite tool is VS Code. Another person wanted to know more about it. That person said their favorite tool is Sublime Text 3. Several other people also recommended Sublime Text 3 as their tool of choice. A person wrote back with a list of their favorite tools based on their functionality, and those tools included Atom for text editing, GIT for publishing, Apple Script for Mac workflow and Yarn for packages and automation.

Someone else wrote back and said that they liked Chrome's development tools. This person also had a long list of tools that they like to use. WebFlow also got a mention by several web designers. Most web designers had multiple favorite tools because each of those tools offers a different type of functionality or specialty. The favorite tool also tended to depend on what type of web design the person does.

It is always a good idea for a web designer to be open to new tools that could help them do their work. Hobby web designers may also want to stay open to the opportunity to use different tools. While trying a new tool will have a learning curve, the small time investment could yield a big dividend in the future if it turns out that the tool makes the design process less buggy and more efficient.

Web designers should also keep in mind that there is a plethora of tools out there. It will be next to impossible to try them all, and time is always quite limited. For more information click here

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