The UnDraw project: streamlining the search for open-domain illustrations.

The UnDraw project: streamlining the search for open-domain illustrations.

One of the most time-consuming aspects for a new tech or media projects is finding legally-licensed artwork to use for presentations. This is often a process that is not done in-house and requires contracting the legal rights of an artist or scouring the internet for open domain work.

Luckily, the UnDraw project has created a streamlined system to search for open domain illustrations that may be used in any project. Their collection contains SVG images that may be easily photoshopped or blend in with a website's background. These images are also ready to load into photoshop to be used as vectors for much larger digital projects.

Another unique aspect of this service is that it is optimized for speed and flexibility so that it does not end up throwing a wrench into your project. Their images come with tiny file sizes so that it has a light footprint on your server's limited resources. Their selection tool is also able to make modifications to your image so that it can fit the theme of your website or app.

Since some users are not able to handle the bandwidth of a high volume of users loading their images, the company also allows for embedded images. Using basic HTML scripting, website or applications should easily be able to implement off-site images on their website. Cutting back server requests is also a desirable feature of embedded images since slower servers can be hit really hard during peak hours.

Since the source code for their graphical resources is fully open source, users may edit it to their liking. The ability to edit and reuse the code is guaranteed by the MIT license.

Why the MIT License?
There are so many open domain and open source licenses on the internet to choose from. This includes the GNU License, Apache, Creative Commons, and many more. The MIT license is often used in Software projects and is considerably bare minimal in comparison to some other licenses. For example, the GNU License can lead to unnecessary litigation since it strictly requires disclaimers to be used in a certain manner.

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