The Two Things Your UX Clients Want From You

As a UX designer. you'll face several challenges on every site you work on if you want to give the user the best experience. The way you handle the challenges determines how good of a UX designer you are. You can make yourself indispensable to clients and employers alike if you can meet challenges quickly and without spending a large amount of money to outsource the work. Common challenges include:


Web accessibility means people with disabilities don't encounter problems using a website. You also want to ensure the site works well for individuals using adaptive technologies, such as a screen reader. It's easier to design your site to be accessible right from the start than it is to adapt it later. Design your text, graphs and other elements so people with color blindness don't have any difficulties. Use closed captioning for videos in your site. There are many other things you can do, too. The W3C Web Accessibility Initiative website has numerous suggestions for creating a site accessible to all. If you become an accessibility expert, you'll have plenty of UX designer job opportunities.

Eliminating Unnecessary Features

Once a client understands you can create calculators, scorecards and more, they may want to overload their website with tools. This can overwhelm users and leave them confused and frustrated. It also interrupts the user's journey toward conversion. Talking clients out of what they want, even if you earn extra money by including extra features, isn't easy, but you need to master this skill. If you end up giving them a website that does not convert visitors, they won't be happy and won't recommend you to their friends.

There are other challenges as well, but a good UX designer can overcome almost anything. Remember, your clients are counting on you to create the site they need to help them reach their business goals. For more information click here