The Skills Needed to Land Entry-Level and Freelance Tech Jobs

The Skills Needed to Land Entry-Level and Freelance Tech Jobs

A person wanted to know if becoming proficient in HTML, CSS and JavaScript will be enough for applying for entry-level jobs or freelance work. They asked a large online community if there are other essential skills they should learn before applying for a job. The person added that they know some employers would train them for certain job-related skills. However, they also know that there are more applicants than jobs at the moment. They want to be ready to do the work and have the best possible chances at finding freelance gigs or getting a job with an employer.

One person replied that the original poster should learn Git. Another person seconded this, saying that not enough coders know it, and it can be immensely helpful. Someone else did not know what Git was, and a few people offered an introduction and some resources for that individual and the original poster to read. Another person wanted to know what in Git is the most useful and how they can make the most of their time when learning it. A few people had tips to share with that individual.

Another person replied to the original poster's question, adding that they are a hiring manager at a large firm. Their two senior web developers do not know Git, and it has caused slowdowns in their ability to complete work for clients. This hiring manager strongly encouraged the original poster to learn Git now even as they apply for jobs.

Someone else also replied to the original poster. They said that Git can be helpful for an entry level developer. However, they added that a quality employer will ensure that the person has access to resources for learning it while on the job if they do not already know it.

A person who wants to be considered ahead of other candidates in a competitive job market where dozens or hundreds of people could be applying for jobs should do everything they can in order to enhance their chances. Now is an ideal time for any developer to start brushing up on their skills. For more information click here

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