The Power Of Professional Logos And Why You Need One

The Power Of Professional Logos And Why You Need One

Your brand's visual cohesiveness is essential. Everything, including your logo, should look the same regardless of where it is present. Tale Apple's logo for example. You would recognize it in any size and in black and white or a special holiday color. Good logos are immediately recognizable.

As your brand grows, people may want to use your logo for legitimate reasons. It's common for digital marketing and CRM firms to highlight their important clients using their client's logo. If you're a news brand, companies may have an as seen on section and use your logo. This means you're a recognizable brand which will impress potential clients so feel flattered.

Consider creating a press kit with images of your logo in different sizes, on a transparent background and in gray scale. If people want to give you free publicity, make it easy for them. You can also include a vector image of your logo to download. Be sure to include high-quality images for print.

Your press kit can also contain executive biographies, product images, a company description and press releases. If your company has won any awards, include these as well. Only include recent awards. If your company has not won an award in the last 10 years, you don't want to highlight your lack of recent achievements. If someone is going to use information about your company, make sure you control the information.

If you are name dropping, you need permission to use a company's logo for commercial use. If you're taking a logo from a press kit, follow the guidelines for its use. It is usually okay to use logos for educational purposes under fair use laws. These are ambiguous; if you want to use a company's logo and they don't have a press kit, ask first to avoid potential problems. For more information click here

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