The Perfect Vanilla JavaScript Effect for Bloggers (Desktop Only?)

The Perfect Vanilla JavaScript Effect for Bloggers (Desktop Only?)

A web designer wanted to share an article about an ASCII node-based fluid simulation library. It was built using vanilla JavaScript. The simulation features movement in a spiral type of pattern when a person moves the cursor. The movement starts from the center out, making it look like motion of pixels. There are different examples of the simulation. One features shades of blue in a gradient. Another features a white or off-white background with brightly colored pixels in different hues next to each other. Yet another example has punctuation marks in the background and capital letters as the moving spiral.

One person commented that they thought it was awesome and that it would be a great addition to a person's blog. They added that it would be a fun way to show off on a personal website. A few others seconded these comments. One person wrote back with some links to GitHub and another site where the person could try it out for themselves. However, it uses too much data and processing on a phone for it to work well in the mobile environment. The person who had that problem did not say which operating system, browser or phone they had.

Another person took a look at the site and noted that it was cool and the original designer did a good job with it. The original designer thanked that individual. One person joked that the original designer found their weakness for vanilla JavaScript designs. They added that they could imagine a lot of uses for that type of effect. A few other people agreed with those comments.

A few people noted that the design had fortress vibes. Overall, everyone who took a look at this vanilla JavaScript effect liked it a lot. Nobody had any criticism, other than that comment about it taking down their phone's operating system. The original designer did not have an explanation as to why it might do that, but the person who reported the problem also did not share what they were doing or which device they used when they experienced the phone crash. For more information click here

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