The Ins and Outs of Scissors Emojis

The Ins and Outs of Scissors Emojis

A web designer shared a neat article with other web designers and wanted to get some feedback from them. The article is about which emoji scissors close. The article goes into an explanation of the scissors emoji, stating that its job is to convey an idea with a small graphic. This person argues that the emoji does not actually have to swing or cut things.

The writer goes on to discuss the types of scissors emojis. They describe the scissors as offering a viewpoint that is parallel to the hinge. That allows the viewer to simulate the swinging of blades with a basic axis rotation.

Some emojis seem to represent left-handed scissors in which the top blade moves in a counterclockwise direction. In messenger, the blade moves about half the necessary distance to close. On Samsung devices, about half the blades are usable. With Joy Pixels, the blades almost nearly close.

For right-handed scissors, the Microsoft ones have a heavy outline. The outline is not part of the scissors. The handles collide. Since scissors handles don't do the cutting, this seems unusual. With Apple, the scissors look robust, but they don't cut. Google's scissors are hard to tell if they are left-handed or right-handed. Facebook's scissors handles collide closet to the hing, barely intersecting. The WhatsApp scissors look good. The Emojidex scissors are almost perfect except for some odd shading in the blade area. The LG scissors look good, and the blades close.

There are some other options. Twitter has scissors that do nothing. They are oddly shaped, and it is difficult to imagine how they could be used. OpenMoji has unusual handle shaping on its scissors. They might close well if there was an animation to make it happen.

Some people reviewed this article and made some comments to the author. One was amused and wondered if the writer would next create content about emoji faces that do not have a nose. This might have been a bit of sarcasm. Others had some fun with the content as well, joking that they were glad for the free scissors advice. For more information click here

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