The Importance of Web Icons & the Best Place to Get Them

The Importance of Web Icons & the Best Place to Get Them

Jam Icons is an MIT resource where designers and developers collaborate to make icons for simple, one-word items. These icons are sorted by the following categories: Web, Arrows, Player, Text, or Social. Jam has plenty of black and white icons for decorating your site menus.

Say if you want to show an attachment, you can use the paperclip icon. They also have variations of the bookmark icon, in case a visitor wishes to add your URL page to their favorites list. The web icons contain everyday items as well. You'll find message bubbles, padlocks, shields, and the occasional trashcan icon.

The arrows section has arrows enclosed in circles or squares. They are labeled by direction and shape to make them easier to find. The chevrons vaguely resemble a clock that tells time. Player icons are best-suited to embedded or uploaded videos since they display the typical video buttons like play, stop, and volume adjust.
There are a few icons to represent cam recorders and microphones. Text icons are inspired by WordPress symbols like the align-center dashes. It even includes headers and indentations for writing blog posts. The basics fonts for underline, italic, and bold are present too.

The social icons can be applied to social media buttons. It has the bing, blogger, codepen, Deezer, Fiverr, Facebook, and GitHub logos, with some modifications of course. These social platforms are organized in alphabetical order to make them easier to find. In case you're wondering how to use these icons, simply copy the code used to select an icon for JavaScript and place the data-jam attribute inside a span.

To show support for Jam Icons V2, you can give it a star on Github. But if you'd rather be a contributor, then you can add your own icons-request label to send the devs a proposal. Use the bug label to report any issues that need to be fixed. Or you can just buy the guy some coffee, that works too.

Having doubts about the licensing? It is recognized as MIT and not CC0 because these icons are made in Github. They are defined as open source materials that can be edited by anyone.

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