The Homey Design Is a Little Busy for Some Preferences

The Homey Design Is a Little Busy for Some Preferences

A coder made a website home page design that they wanted to share with others in the website design community in order to get their feedback. They call it Homey: a home page extension, and they did it for Google Chrome. One person immediately wrote to say that they think there is a market set up to bring back the things that Google got rid of in the past.

A few people had criticisms that they wanted to share. One of those people said that they did not like the quote font. The same person also recommended that the programmer add an overlay on to the background image because it blends in a lot with the icons. They also had suggestions for the drag and drop and check marks on the page.

Some other people have used this Google Chrome extension and liked it, but they did not go as far with the design as the original poster. One person who has experimented with it wanted to know if it was possible to manually enter the location for the weather forecast instead of allowing the extension to collect location information. This would be pertinent in the EU and other places that have more stringent privacy and data collection standards compared to the United States.

Several people were quite critical of this page design. They thought that it had too many features. They called this "feature bloat." They thought that the extraneous features were distracting, and it made it difficult for their eyes to figure out what was the most important element on the page or where to look first. These people also noted that there were too many fragments. One wondered whether or not people care about a quote of the day.

There were some questions from the people who took a look at this design for Google Chrome. A few of them wondered if the extension is available for other browsers, such as Firefox. Another person wanted to know what code they used. They felt like it might be a dumb question, but they admitted they are new designers. For more information click here

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