Is Dreamweaver still a thing? (CS6)

Is Dreamweaver still a thing? (CS6)

For those who have designed web pages before the beautiful development of content management systems and modern IDE's, you are sure to remember Dreamweaver. This was a program that was at one time on the cutting edge of website development. If you knew the ins and outs of Dreamweaver, you could have a great career in web design.

Every month on the web_design subreddit, there is a post about it: Most of the users are just astounded that Dreamweaver is still used. I would like to confirm that, yes, there is still a 2017 version of this software that is available through Adobe. It takes many programmers back to the days where flash and Macromedia reigned supreme.

Many developers still hold a grudge regarding the adobe acquisition of Macromedia. Most users believed that the software was pure before Adobe acquired the company. Needless to say, Adobe didn't do a very good job of nurturing Dreamweaver and turning it into a software that could compete with the ease of today's IDE's that are much more user-friendly than Dreamweaver.

The nostalgia of Dreamweaver will carry on! Fortunately Adobe has done a much better job in development of their other editor: Brackets.

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