The Distinction between Web Design and Website Development

The Distinction between Web Design and Website Development

Web design and website development require two different skill sets; many people prefer doing one or the other. If you want to design websites for clients, you'll need a full-stack developer who can develop the front and back end of the site. You have to make this a smooth process, otherwise clients will go with an agency which has developers and designers on staff.

You can find developers on GitHub Jobs, Stack Overflow and Toptal. If you've ever hired anymore before, you know a resume or portfolio cannot address whether you can work together. The trouble is you can't hire a developer until you know exactly what the client wants. Once you hire a freelancer, you are pretty much stuck with them unless the client will understand a long delay while you look for another developer.

As a website designer, you count on a developer to make your ideas work. Unless you explain exactly what your client wants, they can't do their job. If you exclude any important details, you might find your developer does not have the right skills to complete the task. It's up to you to find out exactly what the client wants before finding a developer. The most experienced developers don't want to waste their time on lengthy communications as you talk to the client about the scope of the project. Having a very basic coding background lets you estimate what you'll pay for a developer.

Decide if you can work with a developer in India or the Philippines. If you're okay communication at odd times to account for the time difference and you find someone skilled with a stable Internet connection, you can save a lot of money.

Once you find a highly skilled developer who meets deadlines, develop a good working relationship with him or her. It will be profitable for both of you. For more information click here

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