The Color Leap App Makes Finding Hues Easy

The Color Leap App Makes Finding Hues Easy

Every few years, decade or century, the favored colors for paintings, clothing and home decor change. Some of these color changes are related to the current events of the times, while others are simply marketing schemes that convince people to update their homes or wardrobes with the color du jour. One way that you can find out about the popularity and use of different colors during different decades and centuries is with the Color Leap app.

The Color Leap app provides you with the ability to click on an era and find out about the most popular colors of the time. Not only does the app list the colors, but it also explains why those colors were in such heavy use. Some of the available eras include 2,000 BC and the ancient Egyptians, the year 0, 1,000 AD and every 100 years until the 1800s. Starting with the 1900s, the breakdown of color popularity and name takes place by decade.

One example is the 1920s. The description explains the general color and art of the era. It states that a minimalist and modernistic movement was in place. Art was simple geometric designs that were complemented by rich colors. There are palettes that feature five colors in similar tones. Each palette has a name, such as "Magic Man" or "Warmth." The names come from the names of artwork released during that period of time. Not all decades of the 1900s have been released as of early September 2018, but the developer may add more if he can find public domain images that allow for the posting of the art and the generalized color scheme.

The Color Leap also provides palettes that you can use in your graphic or website design. Let's say that you are designing a site to sell vintage items from the 1980s. You might want to choose an appropriate color palette. The Color Leap app makes it a lot easier. It gives you the codes or numbers that are used in Adobe and other software. You can also use the app on its own to choose your colors.

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