The Big Things To Know About Dropdowns and Search Engine Optimization

The Big Things To Know About Dropdowns and Search Engine Optimization

Having Trouble Putting In Multiple Dropdowns On One Navbar?
If you are having trouble putting multiple dropdowns on one navbar, you are probably feeling frustrated, but you need to know that the problem can be fixed easily, and that it is possible to circumvent the issue altogether, which may actually be to your benefit.

Address Any Issues Pertaining To Element Nesting.
If you are interested in creating a dropdown within a dropdown, then it is imperative that you check your element nesting. You can do this without having to parse the CSS positioning and without doing any JS rendering. The process is simple and straightforward and will take hardly any time at all to complete.

Ensure That You Have Inserted the Appropriate Tags.
Another issue that sometimes arises when attempting to insert a dropdown within a dropdown is that tags are not inserted properly. Always make sure that you have included all the necessary closing tags, so that you don't encounter any unexpected issues.

Are Dropdowns Within Dropdowns Beneficial From An SEO Perspective Or Is It A Mistake to Include Them?
One of the most important questions you will have to ask yourself when trying to include multiple dropdowns on one navbar is whether the decision is advantageous from an SEO standpoint. Site rankings are impacted negatively when Google detects submenus within other submenus, because this format limits accessibility. When in doubt, consult the WCAG 2.0 standards to determine what is best for you and your company, product, or organization.

Given this information, you should be able to resolve any difficulties associated with inserting submenus within submenus, or, alternatively, determine whether you should deliberate further before making your final decision regarding dropdown format. Either way, you will be glad you did the additional research, so you can make the best possible decision to suit your needs. For more information click here