The Best Way To Build A Portfolio For New Freelance Developers

The Best Way To Build A Portfolio For New Freelance Developers

If you’re a new developer, assembling a portfolio is more difficult than it appears. Demonstrate your skills to get a good job, so your portfolio is crucial to your success, It’s not enough to learn HTML5, CSS, Javascript and other coding languages, show how you use them to amaze potential employers.

If you plan on freelancing, a portfolio is essential for potential clients to see the quality of your work. You want to show variety, as potential clients may want a certain kind of site, such as an e-commerce website, and want to know you can handle it. You can find gorgeous portfolio templates for WordPress, Bootstrap and more.

If you're unsure what to include, view some deb design or development portfolios from successful freelancers. If you have added skills, such as brand development and strategy, make sure your portfolio has examples and explanations of brands strategies you've worked on. Also, you must ensure your portfolio reflects your personal brand, whether it's elegant, fun or distinctive.

Let your personality shine through in your portfolio. A client wants someone they can relate to and who looks like they will listen to what they need. An employer will look to see if a developer will work well with their team. Everyone has different ideas about a person they are considering hiring. Some people want a developer who is laid back and will go with the flow, while other people look for someone who is detail-oriented and enjoys working for someone who runs a tight ship.

Always include a headshot on your portfolio. Use good lighting and a plain backdrop. Make the photo as professional as possible as it is the same as a logo. Use it on Twitter to promote your personal brand, even if you are seeking an agency position. For more information click here

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