The Battle of the Browsers

The Battle of the Browsers

There is a constant battle between Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and others when it comes to which is the fastest and best for the average user. They are locked in battle in terms of trying to provide a better service than their competition. It is a high-stakes match that literally holds the fate of Internet search in its hands. Thus, when news came out that Firefox has released its fastest version yet, it made headlines.

The new update is known as Firefox Quantum, and the company says that it is the biggest upgrade that it has released since they launched the very first Firefox program in 2004. They say that users of the new program will almost immediately fall in love with it, and that is exactly what the company has been hoping for. They want to provide their users with a euphoric type of experience, and thus far they have been able to do exactly that.

The speed rate of the update is something that users will notice immediately. That is what the company has worked on the hardest. They want their service to provide the fastest access to all of the different websites that people want to access. That is important because people care about not being frustrated by upload speeds. Firefox has put a lot of effort into trying to make that become a thing of the past.

Firefox has also announced that Google will be the default search browser that pulls up on their upgraded service. They want their users to be able to get the information they desire as quickly as possible. The best way to do this in their view is to provide them with near immediate access to the most popular search engine in the world. Since this is typically where users first go to when accessing Firefox in the first place, they felt that it was a good idea to go ahead and make it the default engine.

The company is excited to announce this new development, and they want people to know that a lot of manpower went into this. There have been more than 700 coders who have contributed to it just since its release back in August. That means that it continues to improve and hopefully provide the very best service out there.

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