Teen Makes Gamified Site for ASD and ADHD Treatment Success

A person who participates in a large online discussion forum shared a link to a site they made. On that site, they created a gamification system to keep track of their ASD and ADHD treatments. The individual is addicted to computer games. They wanted to turn that weakness into a strength. They wanted to know what other people thought about it.

The first person to take a look said they could relate to the designer's plight. They made their own CRM to help with their executive dysfunction. This person thought it looked interesting and said the original poster did great work on their gamification site. Another person wanted to know more about what the original poster did. They thought it was interesting.

A person who looked at the site was impressed with the original poster's head-on approach to problem solving. They encouraged the original poster to keep adding more features and updating the community on their progress. The original poster replied and said that they are a bulldozer of creation.

Someone else said it was nice and looked like a small-scale version of another site they linked to. A person said they did a similar thing to get out of depression and found it to be a worthwhile tool. Another person with ADHD commented and said they liked the idea behind the project, but they doubted that they would have the motivation to stick with the project all the way to the end. They also weren't sure if they could remember to track their treatment and symptoms every day.

The original poster said they are still doing a lot of updates. A person said it's good work so far. One person wanted to know what technology stack the original poster used. Another person wanted to know if the original poster used a template for the project. Someone wondered how the original poster stayed focused. Several asked for more details about how the original poster built the app. They replied and said that they used tailwind CSS and React for the user interface. The back end is Node, Python and Golang. For more information click here https://i.redd.it/93babbmxbfz51.gif.