Take the Time, Take Your Time, and Make Time

Take the Time, Take Your Time, and Make Time

When you need to make edits to time, many web design programs and coding languages do not make it easy. A new time picker offers point and click access to selecting "am" or "pm" as well as the hour and minute. This time picker could be used in a variety of applications, such as countdowns, elapsed time functions and more.

One important way that this time picker could be put to good use is as an alarm. Perhaps you are cleaning your house, and you want to set an alarm to go off after you have cleaned for 30 minutes. This time picker makes it easy to do that. Maybe you want to give a child a specific amount of time that they can use a video game or electronic device. The time picker also makes that easy to do.

If you want to take a nap, time yourself doing something or remind yourself to go check on the cake that you put in the oven, the time picker can set up an alarm for you to hear. It works with a range of web browsers, which is convenient if you have different devices. It also works well on smartphones and mobile devices. This means that you could set an alarm while out in your back yard raking leaves or pulling out weeds. You would not have to worry about forgetting the cake in the oven or overcooking your dinner.

The time picker is easy to code, implement and set up. You can pick the time zone as well as the time functions. If you want it to show seconds, count down or show the elapsed time since you started doing something, it offers all of those functions. Some updates and enhancements may soon be added to this time picker code. Possible inclusions are a sun for daytime hours and a moon for nighttime hours. The developer may also include weather functions or moon phases based on the weather forecast for a particular area or the day of the month based on the lunar cycle.

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