Take a Look at This Vintage Website Relic from 2004

Take a Look at This Vintage Website Relic from 2004

It's not often one stumbles upon such a relic from the past. Most older websites have been updated since the heydays of the internet, or have had their servers shut down. After being neglected for years, many of these websites simply shut down naturally as the owners fail to keep up with them.

With Flash about to lose functionality in December 2020, it is likely very few of these websites would be functional after this time. However, having accidentally stumbled upon this website, one can't help but be happy to spend some time browsing the familiar-feeling website.

The Vinyl Exchange is a Canadian-based website built as a platform for users to trade vinyl records. Last updated in 2004, it has since lost its practical functionality. However, miraculously, the website itself seemingly works just as well as it did in 2004.

Having been neither updated nor shut down, The Vinyl Exchange exists in a limbo as a blast from the past website stuck in time. With all the hallmarks of a website from the early 2000s, the site will feel familiar to anyone who used the internet at that time, regardless of whether or not they visited The Vinyl Exchange in its heyday.

First greeting visitors with a welcome page, and a long-forgotten "click to enter" button, the main page bears all the simplicity of web design at that time. Anyone who made a website in the early 2000s will recognize all of the features on the site, from the familiar fonts and menu setups.

Even better, the site still features the staff's personal best picks from 2004, keeping visitors to the site immersed in the time period. Even better, thanks to the site's simple design, the site loads remarkably fast. The site is only a few simple pages, yet The Vinyl Exchange has captured the nostalgic hearts of those around in the early 2000s. For more information click here http://www.thevinylexchange.com/.

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