Switch On Visitor Attention With New Pontus Nilsson Toggle Switch

Switch On Visitor Attention With New Pontus Nilsson Toggle Switch

A developer name Pontus Nilsson has developed a responsive and aesthetically pleasing toggle switch that is in the iOS style. This switch will swiftly turn to the right upon click and will leave behind a green line indicating that it is powered on. When turning off, the green background will instantly disappear. Pontus is a bright, young developer that goes under the pseudonym of TazTheManiac and he is from Sweden.

Why Should A Website Use A Toggle Switch?
Toggle switches may seem like a function that is more in line with system settings on a computer or phone, but it is a great option to implement into web apps. If you have advanced user function to enable or disable certain features, this nice looking toggle switch will come in handy. Especially if you have a mobile-oriented site, this switch will fit in nicely as it is what the user is used to.
Why Design a Toggle Switch to Attract iOS Users?
The toggle switch in this example is exactly like the switch used in the latest iOS operating system. If you have a website geared towards Apple users, it is only natural to use this switch. Considering that Apple has one of the most aesthetic operating systems and holds a significant portion of the mobile market, it will be a great idea to implement this switch to keep up with the trend.
Are Switches Needed When We Have Checkboxes?
For some, checkboxes are the classic go-to design when enabling options. Switches, on the other hand, will have a short graphical reaction rather than a simple check. Although both accomplish the same thing, the switch is much more aesthetically pleasing and will have more of a visual impact than a small checkbox.

The idea of switches will also resonate with us as if turning on a light switch. The reaction is more realistic and it will be concrete that the option has been enabled. Since checkboxes have been used for years, many users may be desensitized and overlook the boring checkbox this day and age.

See more of Pontus Nilsson's Work on Codepen.

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