Sweden Innovates Election Results with New Infographic

When it comes to delivering election results to the citizens of a country, Sweden may have the rest of the world beat in creativity and ease of use. The country recently released an infographic that shows who voted, their location and what party they voted for. This is an ideal visual representation of voting that is easy to understand, requires little in the way of translation and makes things more tangible to people who do not like to look at rows and columns of numbers. The Swedish infographic shows colors for the different political parties that had candidates in the election. The bubbles show population and voting numbers, and they are spread over a map of the country for additional visual information. This graphic is designed to be shown on a variety of devices and different types of operating systems. Users of newer iPhones reported that the infographic offered crisp resolution on the devices that have large screens. They noted that the graphic was easy to see, use and understand. Users with older iPhones or devices with smaller screens reported that the infographic was slightly less detailed, but that it was still useful and helped their understanding of the Swedish election results. Many people who looked at the infographic noted that it did have a lot of black space. The developers could fix that by zooming in or offering another orientation to the display. Many viewers wondered if the infographic could be useful for the upcoming mid-term elections in the United States. While most election results are reported in tables, many people are visual learners and process the information better with color or picture representations instead of rows or columns of numbers. When the press wants to showcase how people in a particular area voted, this infographic could provide them with some inspiration. Getting it right for all 50 states or the counties within a state could be a challenge. Some developers could do well and get more attention for themselves or their websites if they are willing to give this type of graphic a try in the USA. For more information click here https://www.svt.se/special/sa-rostade-svenskarna/.