SVG or CSS: Which Grid is Better for Responsive Design?

In a large online design discussion group, a person shared a link to a blog post about how a person created images that can be swiped with ease using grids. The writer of the blog post said that they did this with SVG grids and animated effects. The animated grids are responsively designed. The person went on to explain why they used SVG grid instead of the widely popular CSS grid.

According to the writer of the blog post, SVG grid allows the use of coordinates. With coordinates, the designer is able to plot elements on the x and y axes. Once the coordinates are selected, the images can be placed there. Aspect ratio boxes can be used to make size adjustments for the boxes. Clip path commands, such as circle clip path, can be used to create the animated effects.

The designer also included their code for the final animation of the graphics. Although they used SVG grid, they did explain that CSS grid could be used to create the same type of effect on a site. The CSS coding would involve a few more lines, but it would generally create the same finished effects for the user. The person who shared this blog post in the design community wanted to know what other people thought about it and whether or not they had used SVG grid and CSS grid, and if so, which one of these each user preferred.

One person replied with comments about it not working for them on mobile. They liked how it looked, but they doubted that its responsive elements were effective. Another person commented about the website being stunning, but they had the same problem with it not working on their phone. Neither of these commentators said what type of phone or browser.

Another person mentioned that it was cool, but they wondered why it was a bad idea. The next commentator agreed, and they noted that the cool stuff usually ends up being unstable and crashing their phone. Someone else wondered about accessibility, and another person replied that these features aren't accessible. For more information click here