Straw Page Allows Users To Build Websites From A Smartphone

Providing access to an efficient and intuitive website builder is an important aspect of the domain registry industry. The big names of the domain registry sector make it a point to promote their online website building tools, particularly with regard to providing themes and templates that will ensure websites are designed in a mobile-friendly fashion.

Responsive design tools are pretty much standard in modern website builders, but the platforms themselves are not always conducive to creating sites on mobile devices; in fact, there is an expectation that clients will always sit down to use the builders from desktop, laptop, or hybrid device. In some cases, domain registry and website hosting companies will offer mobile apps that can be used to update sites from smartphones or tablets, but they stop short of actually offering a solution for building websites on the go.

Straw Page is a new service that brings the website building experience directly to the smartphone. You can think of it as a progressive web app for mobile devices; however, all you need is a reasonably modern mobile browser to start building websites. As of late February, Straw Page offered five themes: A general template, a splash page with links to social media profiles, a personal website, a commercial theme, and a very simple template that focuses on minimalist web design. You also have the option of starting out with a blank canvas.

Getting started with Straw Page is very simple. Once you pick the theme and template, you are taken directly to the editor, which begins with a tutorial that plays directly on the mobile browser. There are elements that can be dragged with touch gestures across the grid, and changing the styling of each element can be accomplished by touching it. The top menu bar features five icons that are pretty easy to understand. You can lock elements, change the website background by choosing from various options, add new elements, adjust the size of the grid, and access publishing options when you are ready to go live.

Straw Page is just getting started; in the near future, the developer plans to add more features such as search engine optimization and domain names. For more information click here