Storytelling Strategies for Improving the User Experience for Website Designs

Storytelling Strategies for Improving the User Experience for Website Designs

In web design, writing is something commonly associated with copy and content; it is seldom mentioned when designing a layout or navigation system since these are processes that are usually handled by means of wireframing. In the case of user experience, diagrams and flowcharts are often preferred to paragraphs, but things seem to be changing in 2019.

UX design should be written just like a screenplay is drafted before moving on to the storyboards. Online marketing specialists often mention storytelling as the ultimate strategy that brands should follow, and this should extend to UX design; for this reason, UX writing has become an interesting trend insofar as putting content before user flow.

The power of written language should not be ignored when thinking about UX. We have become accustomed to assuming that website visitors will click or tap on page elements, and we are forgetting that users have expectations beyond navigating websites. The next time you sit down to figure out how the next UX project will unfold, write down the following:

  • How should I welcome new users?

  • What branding should I display?

  • Is there a problem to solve or situation to explain?

  • Do I have at least one value proposal to offer?

  • How should I explain the product or service?

  • What should my call-to-action be?

Using the six points above, UX designers should answer all questions with a narrative. If the answers end up being flowery, don't worry about it at this time because it is always easier to streamline than to pile things on. In most cases, only a few words will actually make it to the web page, but you will have a narrative that serves like a road map for UX design.

Going into 2020, the compendium of UX writing will inevitably expand, and it will be up to you to stay updated on the trends shaping this design and development strategy. Keep in mind that writing continues to be the best method for telling stories, and if your UX design strategy aligns with a good story, users will always be more receptive to your work. For more information click here

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