Stay Focused, Stayed Relaxed, Stay Listening

Stay Focused, Stayed Relaxed, Stay Listening

A look at a cool new web design:

Listener's Playlist is an app that allows users to easily share relaxing music with one another. The design is striking and does an amazing job of showing what the website is for without having to explain it.

In addition to user-submitted playlists, Listener's Playlist also offers users the opportunity to listen to playlists that have been specifically curated for their relaxing and soothing atmosphere. This makes Listener's Playlist the perfect app for anyone who wants to explore new music, or simply wants something relaxing to while they're on the go.

Although Listener's Playlist has many great features, its most popular one is probably its streamlined nature. When a user wants to listen to new music, all they have to do is load up the app and let it take care of the rest. Put simply, anyone who is interested in creating an ambient atmosphere for their work space should seriously consider giving Listener's Playlist a shot.

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