Specifications for Websites Hosted on the Fandom Platform

Specifications for Websites Hosted on the Fandom Platform

Websites hosted under the Fandom label, which was originally branded as Wikia, share a user interface layout that imposes a cap on the horizontal length of the space allotted to the contents of their articles while forcing a sidebar that hosts web ads and other features. Regardless of how widely the user's browser window is stretched, the content on a given page's article will not be individually granted a horizontal increase in width, so the number of words that can fit within a given line before the text wraps around to the next line will remain the same.

This does not necessarily make Fandom wikis incompatible with mobile devices that have narrow screens, however. Web browsers used on both phones and desktop computers feature an alternative method of displaying the "main" contents of a given page that excludes advertisements and whatever the browser personally construes to be a sidebar. This "reader view" function is often overlooked, but it is similar to various web pages' own "printable version" options in that it presents the text and images comprising the relevant substance of the page while leaving out aesthetic clutter such as background images.

By default, the reader view function will only be available on websites that have voluntarily enabled the code for it. In the Firefox browser, for example, the button to toggle the reader view will appear as an icon within the URL bar resembling a sheet of paper. However, it is also possible to download add-ons for Firefox and other browsers such as Google Chrome that force the function to be available for use even for pages that do not formally support it.

For mobile users, the Safari browser's own Reader View function is accessible from within the pop-up menu that appears when the icon resembling four lines is clicked at the left end of the URL bar. It can be used to ensure that all of the page content of a website that may be locked to a fixed horizontal length that is wider than most mobile display screens can be displayed within the screen's narrow boundaries. For more information click here https://i.redd.it/puzyvk4vpml31.jpg.

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