Some Tips on How to Grow Skills as a Designer

Some Tips on How to Grow Skills as a Designer

A person shared that they graduated with their bachelor's degree two years ago. They took a class on computer science that focused on web design and development. They earned a good grade in the class. In the course, the professor covered many languages, including JavaScript, AngularJS, PHP, jQuery, SQL and AJAX. They only glossed over each language and did not go into depth. The person added that they do have a good understanding of HTML and CSS.

The person landed themselves a job as a front end developer. What they typically do is build basic sides on WordPress with a little PHP and ACF. The person said that they have tried using tutorials on JavaScript and PHP, but they find it difficult to pick up. They don't think they could write an accurate line of code. This person realizes that their career will not go anywhere if they can't learn more languages and the minutiae of them. They wanted to know what to do.

One person wrote back and advised the original poster to try interesting things. Not random things or things that interest other people, but things that interest them as an individual. The person went on to add that they have worked in software development and keep challenging themselves to learn new things.

Another person replied that the original poster's story is a prime example of everything that is wrong with the education system. People get a degree that turns out to be useless because it does not teach them what they need to know in order to actually succeed. Nor did the education system give this original poster the skills to figure out for themselves how to find a subject and learn about it. The person has a degree, but is lost and cannot use their degree properly. This person advised the original poster to pick something they want to learn, find a resource on it and get started. Some good resources that this manager for web design professionals suggested include YouTube tutorials and the website Lynda for free tutorials on different web design and programming languages. For more information click here

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