Some Tips on How to Code a Special Site Feature

Some Tips on How to Code a Special Site Feature

Countless thousands of people make a living from providing search engine optimization and other digital marketing assistance to businesses, organizations, individuals, and even governments. The viability of performing such services as a respectable occupation and sufficient level of income exploded over the past 10 to 20 years, especially when smartphones hit the scene 12 or 13 years ago.

Smartphones helped out the SEO service provision profession because people who already understood websites had to learn something entirely new - how mobile phones work, as well as the programming languages they use to function.

Mobile phone applications are notably harder to make and refine than programs on computers, for example, which provided more job security for people who were dedicated enough to learn how to do such stuff on their own.

With this increased job security came more money. Now, software developers, mobile app creators, and SEO professionals are making more money for their services than they have in a long time.

Still, of course, people try their hand at making changes to modern technology that will help their businesses.

The Internet Is a Great Place for Help

That's right - there are tons of forums across the World Wide Web in virtually every imaginable language on which people can post questions, comments, and concerns and get nearly-instantaneous replies from others who are interested in the same thing, if not considered experts in that particular field.

Someone recently posted to one of these programmming- and SEO-related message boards and asked how they could design a prize wheel and implement it to their website so it would spin whenever visitors entered a valid, limited, single-use code.

How Could This Be Carried Out?

Like all things SEO and programming-related, there are numerous ways to carry this out. Any programming languages capable of querying and writing databases like PHP, JavaScript, and Ruby are capable of making such a prize wheel.

Make a database and fill it full of single-use codes. Also, create a field that can be changed to "true" once those codes have been used.

On the web page that features the prize wheel, whenever people enter codes, it should immediately connect to your secure database and inquire to the database whether the text entered matches an existing, active code. If so, the database's entry should be marked as redeemed, which runs that code and gives the visitor a reward.

You can look online for specific HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code that creates the design of such a prize wheel itself. For more information click here

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