Say "Yes" to the WordPress...? Or maybe there's more to consider.

Say "Yes" to the WordPress...? Or maybe there's more to consider.

WordPress is by far the most popular content management system (CMS); it is easy to use and there are hundreds of free templates, called themes, and plugins to change the blog's appearance and extend its functionality. Sites hosted on WordPress are free, with a paid option to add your own domain name.

Free themes are ideal for someone keeping a personal blog; no one expects a casual blogger to design a custom theme. Nor do they expect someone to buy a domain when a WordPress subdomian is free. However, a business, a brand or someone who keeps a blog to monetize it with AdSense, should give their visitors more than a standard, boring stock theme.

If you run a website or blog to earn money, your visitors deserve an aesthetically pleasing site with original graphics. For a one-time fee, you could have a developer design a theme for you that represents your brand perfectly, if you cannot create a custom template yourself. While there are hundreds of free, safe to use themes on, only a few will probably be suitable for your niche. With WordPress powering 28 percent of the sites on the Internet, there a good chance that one or more of your competitors will have the same free theme.

Developers generally do not like WordPress because every plugin that a client wants added slow their site down and makes it load slowly. Additionally, WordPress is not the most secure CMS. It's open source; anyone can download the code and find a vulnerability to exploit, although half of WordPress hacks come from plugins.

WordPress is great for a blogging platform, but when people try to use it as an e-commerce platform or anything else but a blog, it does not perform as well as expected. If you have a business, pay a developer to design a custom website for you that will wow your visitors.

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