Some Nuances About Apples's Home Page Images

Some Nuances About Apples's Home Page Images

Currently, the home page of Apple Inc. features a set of large square images that function as links to pages representing critical components of Apple's brand such as Apple News and Apple Music. The image that directs audiences to the "That's iPhone" section of the site exhibits several curious design concepts for an image that is intended to promote the iPhone as a product that serves any and all of its users' conceivable needs.

Many of the items posted within the list of functions on the promotional image are vague and often leave more observant members of the online community perplexed as to how exactly those functions would be useful in a mainstream setting. For example, the promise that the iPhone can "find any photo" does not clarify whether it is referring either to a browser feature that can search for and retrieve any photo uploaded to the Internet or to a function that makes it easy to find any photo among those the user personally stored within the device. The promise that the iPhone somehow allows a driver not to be distracted on the road runs counter to the common logic that cell phones unavoidably detract from any driver's attention.

The image seemingly goes out of its way to make its list of features difficult for potential customers to discern. The dark gray text is hard enough to distinguish from the black background as is, and yet several glaring icons and images — including a detailed image of a face that is much larger than the other icons — force the user's attention away from the text. The cluttered display gives the prevailing message of "That's iPhone" an unintentionally humorous impression to various users.

If the image is not an experimental effort to draw attention because it defies what is commonly seen as good design sense, it may have come about because graphic designers are often given very specific tasks and must work with web copy that is provided to them externally. Designers who work in large corporations with separate departments sometimes must withhold their own creativity to fulfill their assignments. For more information click here

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